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At Aquasolution we Set Standards of Excellence & Trust in collaboration with Sahara Chemicals & Engineers in the Global Construction Chemical Industry. The cornerstone of our business is formulated around the belief that the industry expects much more than just the product / service offered.

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Waterproofing Solution

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Bathroom Waterproofing

Ideally, bathroom waterproofing should be carried out parallelly with the construction of the space. This is imperative, because, if the floor tiles are not fixed correctly will generate cracks.

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Kitchen Waterproofing

Maintaining your kitchen is of vital importance, since every meal is prepared within its walls; the level of hygiene directly affects your health. Poor planning which includes a lack of ventilation.

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Rising Dampness

Older buildings have a lot of history and character. However, they come with their own set of challenges. Since the structure is outdated, it can lead to the rise of moisture.

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Terrace Waterproofing

A home without efficient and advanced waterproofing can get damaged easily. So, spend a little on waterproofing solutions during construction to save yourself the trouble.

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Sidewall Waterproofing

Sidewalls are also exposed to the force of heavy rains which highly impacts their structure. It becomes important to waterproof the sidewalls to avoid damage and seepage due to running water.

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Basement Waterproofing

We encompass a series of methods and procedures catered towards basement waterproofing, to guard against seepage and leakage for wear and tear in a structure.

Aquasolution is #1 of the best Waterproofing Solution

Our service is backed by our strong relationships with architects, contractors, specifiers, building materials suppliers and concrete producers who offer high quality products and industry leading technical support.