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The Atelier focuses on portraying the fashion of Asian-Fusion. We welcome fashion lovers to our take of a ‘High Destination Makeover’ to become a style icon themselves. We merge ‘Style Hangover’ with ‘No Rules’ attitude. Asian Fashion Designers have designed each of our eye-catching apparels. Instead of following a Celebrity Fashion Icon, let others follow you! Come, join our ‘High Definition Street Fashion’ league, and stop blending in with the crowd & start getting noticed with our Fashionable Designer Dresses.

Attitude defines Personality: We create Attitude.

High Definition
Street Fashion

Stay ahead of the fashion trends with our new selection

A Timeless

Stop blending in with the crowd & start getting noticed

Hey there!

Are you confused about what to wear for your BFF’s birthday party? Or a wedding, where you want all eyes on yourself? Well, get ready to meet the new ‘YOU’!

Come on over and let us help you discover your inner desire for fashion.
Ramp Club has its own Style Editor and Fashion Groomer who are ready to mesmerize you with our Fashion Grooming and Makeup Solution.

Come, explore what’s new in our world and change yours!

Asian Fusion

Stop blending in with the crowd & start getting noticed

About Ramp Club

How a person represents their personality in society through what they wear is Street Fashion. It is not specific to only one type of dressing, but instead covers a vast horizon of various styles. Moreover, these styles have begun to influence the statement of street fashion, which captures boldness and confidence, with an Out of the Box dauntless style and a carefree attitude.

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